Jenny tugged excitedly at the belt of Danny’s slim fit jeans and ran her hands across his pale clammy chest. Danny lent a hand and soon the buckle was loose giving easy access to what lay beneath. Danny’s jaw twitched back and forth as beads of sweat dripped playfully from his brow. He teased his fingers through Jenny’s tangled pink dreadlocks and tugged at them gently. As Jenny peeled back his damp jeans she was underwhelmed with what she found lurking inside. Danny’s eyes rolled back in his head and he exhaled loudly. Jenny withdrew his less than basic erection and thumbed it about like a piece of warm blu-tac.

Danny knew he must concentrate hard even if it was just to thumb his semi gently inside Jenny with the hope it would increase its structural integrity within. Jenny lapped at Danny’s attempt and made the best with what she had found. She relieved him of his trousers and pants entirely and began to tug as his socks. Danny’s fingers curled and spasmed as he reached for the warm can of Red Stripe by the bedside. Jenny threw his socks to the floor and began to take off her vest and bra. The 7 year old tattoo of a dolphin on her lower back had not stood the test of time and resembled an unpleasant bruise.

She removed her Blue Blot jeans and knickers in one swift motion and set about the lads meat like a kitten with a ball of string. After what seemed like an age Jenny was confident that what she held in her hand was satisfactory for a penetration attempt and she pressed the sweaty unprotected length betwitzed her legs. As Danny’s dignity breached Jenny’s thick thatching she let out a faint moan and pushed it in further. With the help of a little extra moisture thanks to some applied spittle they were in business. Jenny bounced up and down 2 or 3 times until Danny’s substandard boner popped out and fell to one side. Jenny managed to feed it back in but was only forced to repeat the action a further 3 or 4 times. They were getting nowhere and Jenny was forced to merely grind about atop Danny and hope for the best. After she had found her rhythm Jenny started to feel some pleasure and began to think that perhaps it wasn’t such a disaster. She leaned her head back and began to breath heavily. Danny clutched at her breasts, kneading them back and forth. Jenny could feel Danny hardening beneath her and started to bring her hand down to help herself along. And then he jizzed.



7 thoughts on “Rave Romance

  1. reading this was definitely the highlight of my day. i had to stop after every sentence laugh…and reminisce, unfortunately.

    Two Thumbs that really want to get up

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