Get your MEOW IS FOR PUSSIES tees right here for the bargain price of £12.99+ p&p

Tell the world about your life choices and opinions, we are all dying to hear!!

Sizes are XL, L, M & S currently White on Black tee, more colours available soon.

I love you all and one day we will probably make passionate love.

Keep it sexy

Love, High Rankin xxxxxx

P.s. Each t-shirt comes with a free cd of the tune for you to bump in your 4×4 or similar vehicle. Luv ooh bai xxx

P.p.s. I am not currently offering international shipping although if there is a high demand i will get off my fat, pearly white ass and sort it out.

P.p.p.s For those of you wishing to bypass ebay and just use pay-pal, my paypal address is Highrankin(at)googlemail.com please send £12 with a message stating what size you would like (XL, L, M or S) and your address for postage xxx


6 thoughts on “MEOW IS FOR PUSSIES T-shirts

  1. You should do a series of these shirts. “HEROIN IS FOR ARTISTS”; “COCAINE IS FOR INVESTMENT BANKERS”; “LUDES IS FOR GRANDMOTHERS” and so on and so forth.


  2. The fuck? But I want to wear this shirt in the US of A and have people stop me on the street like “What the fuck is High Rankin?” at which point I’d urinate on them.

    Seriously. Get some fuckin USA shipping before I slap you.

    No seriously. I want to buy a shirt… while the $$$ is rebounding.

  3. Used to take alot of meow….sort of a hypocrit now, but meow is for pussies , yee haa, ordering shirt within next few days

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