Its ya boy High Rankin, holla at cha boy.

Go on….


Hahah look at you shouting like an idiot. No one cares what you have to say.


Well a little..

I am re-launching my Suicide Dub label in the next few months and am looking to sign some hot new shit.
I’m gonna be broadening the spectrum of the label to include all types of big bashy rave music rather than just the sick bag dubstep that i was slinging out originally.

So if you have any dubstep, electro, fidget, grime, DNB, pisstech, gobcore, detached house, broken biscuit beat or whatever i would love to hear it.

You can either upload it and email a link to demosforrankin(at)googlemail.com or stick it in my Sound Cloud drop box http://soundcloud.com/high-rankin/dropbox

Thanks, may your god bless you. xx


One thought on “I want your soul

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