I’m krazy, mad, mental, wacky and kooky.
Anyone who disagrees, i have this to say to you:

Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

Here is mix of angry music which i chopped together badly whilst in a bit of a mood.
Its called Fury Rank. (See what i did there? No? Please see the above statement)

1. Foreign Beggars – Get a bit more (Skizm remix)
2. Blazin, Lethal Junkie & Big Red Cap – Lock this down (Cliffhanga remix)
3. Ivory – Hand Grenade
4. Ivory – Hand Grenade (Excision and Datsik remix)
5. Pixel Fist – Yautja
6. Hulk – Hot Pepper
7. Temper D – Stress head
8. Cliffhanga – Cannibal girls
9. Skunk Anansie – Charity (High Rankin remix)
10. Dog Fashion Disco – The Hitchhiker (interlude)
11. King Cannibal – Aragami Style
12. Borgore – The bitter orchestra girl
13. J Majik and Wickaman – Persia
14. Noisia – Machine gun (Spor remix)
15. Audio – Pandorum
16. Donny – Symptomless coma (Current Value remix)
17. El Creepo – Lazy tiger

Blog it, tweet it, facialbook it, spread it around like to $10 rent boy i one day dream of becoming.

Stay frosty x


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