Sing hosannas we will have mountain bikes for Christmas and beyond!

But first, here is my latest offering to the world of ‘DJ mixes’. Its the first i have done in a long time that contains tracks that aren’t my own. It feels weird, a bit like waking up and realising that your whole life has been a sham but you are too fat, old and lazy to do anything about it.
Good day.

Track list – –

1. AC Slater – Play that record again
2. B-Rich – Killing it
3. Doorly – Horse step
4. High Rankin & Gyto – Bubble and squeak
5. Trevor Loveys – Organ Grinder (The Counts big B Morgan remix)
6. High Rankin – Stabvests and hot pants
7. High Rankin – Occupation: Pimp and gambler
8. 501 – Special Request
9. Tempa T – Next hype vs Pixel Fist – Speaka freaka
10. Temper D & Balkansky – In pictures
11. High Rankin – The Airloom (2009 vip)
12. Reso – Beasts in the basement
13. Wolfgang Gartner – Firepower
14. Fake Blood – Mars (Jack Beats remix)
15. Sub Focus – Could this be real
16. High Rankin – Duncans disco dirtbox disaster
17. Mowgli – London to Paris
18. Count and Sinden – Strange things (High Rankin gentleman junglist remix)


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