Being the international sensation, heart throb and all American quarter-back that i am, i rarely have time to think for myself. Sadly though on the few occasions that i do, i seem to be finding it increasingly difficult. The simple stuff like operating my mouth, flicking through splash mags and shouting at dogs are a doddle but when it comes to the harder stuff like remembering the names of close friends and relatives i regularly fall down.

This also applies to any little ideas i might have. Maybe for tunes, dinner or some sort of hilarious, 140 character long witticism. My memory seems to be on its way out in a very real and alarming way. I decided i could counter this by as soon as i got an idea to immediately write it down in the ‘notes’ section of my iTelephone. This worked for a while but it has now got to the point where i have an idea, take out my phone and by the time the notes have loaded up the idea has gone!
Also i now have pages and pages of notes from a while ago that make less and less sense. So, here is a list of some of the ones that i have absolutely now idea about and if anyone has even the tiniest idea as to what any of them mean, please let me know.



ROFL McDonaldMcDonald’s new online campaign perhaps?

We do extrasDo we? :/

Ear Vagina – Skull fucking?

Water – Drink more water? Have a bath? aaghrgr.

Smiling from the waist down – Good times!!

Bullet proof coffin – Chocolate tea pot?

You’re only scared because you’re chained to the radiator – Worrying, very worrying.

Any thoughts? Answers on a postcard, usual address.


5 thoughts on “I’m losing my fucking mind

  1. Hey where did you get that shirt from, ive been looking everywhere and cant seem to find it? haha
    Respond asap plz 😀

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