Really sorry to anyone that was looking forward to seeing me play at 1 Year of Freaks next friday in Belgium but i won’t be attending.

Despite me being on all the posters, flyers and advertising on blogs and forums etc the promoter has decided that i was never confirmed so won’t be playing.  Yes, more than a little odd. The promoter is refusing to honour the booking and generally being very shady.

I know its unprofessional to say things like ‘The promoters a cunt’ and ‘He has now been blacklisted to every agency in the country’ so i’ll move on.
I was very much looking forward to playing and had already started preparing my outfit which i believe falls into the catagory of dangerously sexy.

I’m sure i will be in Belgium soon though so all is not lost. Unlike my fucking DVD  remote which has been at large somewhere in my room for weeks but for the life of me i don’t know where. Also what’s the the deal with socks, who is hiding my socks? Is someone breaking into my room and after a quick bout of hair sniffing while i dreamily dream my dreams they then rifle through my sock and pant draw removing them all apart from the ones with holes or the ones held together by gravity alone.

My life is one long fucking cliché.

Don’t worry though its not you it’s me 😉



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