Because the lovely people at Z-Shed are so nice and because Ben has promised me a reach-around while i’m mixing i did a mix for them.

This is it.
It contains music that i have made and have remixed. One day i will do a mix that isn’t so disgustingly self indulgent and contains other peoples music. I do not have a date for this though.

Much love xxx


Yo! Brand new Z-Shed mixtape from the man High Rankin, 

1.High Rankin & Gyto – How Many Records? 
2.Stereo Mc’s – City Lights (High Rankin & Gyto Remix)
3.Adam Freeland – Do You (High Rankin Remix)
4.High Rankin – Sitting In The Wet
5.High Rankin & Gyto – Welcome Party
6.Kevin Rudolf feat: Kid Cudi – Welcome To The World (High Rankin Remix)
7.Hervé feat: Marina Gasolina – Baseball Bat (High Rankin Remix)
8.Rico Tubbs – Ghetto Funk Baby (High Rankin Remix)
9.Adam Freeland – Strange Things (High Rankin Remix)
10.High Rankin – The Airloom (2009 VIP)
11.High Temper (High Rankin & Temper D) – Gut Buster
12.High Rankin – Requiem For A Dream
13.Hella Cholla – Battle Cries (High Rankin Remix


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