StripperHad this emailed to me recently from my friend Miller about her recent trip to a skin bar. Fucking LOL.

”I was in Manchester for a conference and as a reward for the slaes team doing so well we frequented a strip club. So follows one of the seediest moments in my life. I say seediest not because of the depressingly tattered decor, fading looks of the girls or looks of slight shame flashing in the eyes of stag male punters, But because I was having quite a nice chat with ‘the girl’ before. She sat down next to me obviously relieved to have someone to talk to and started sobbing about how her boyfriend had, mere moments earlier, ditched her. I was just sitting there thinking how awful the situation, wondering when she was going to stop crying and cursing myself for not being able to offer any sort of comfort or sympathy. Without thinking too much about it I handed her the card which you exchange for a dance. Im still not sure why i chose her, although she was by far the hottest girl there. She just looked at me all confused with her big brown beautiful stripper eyes all covered in tears. She says “oh right I see, ummm I guess.” She obviously just thought we were having a nice old chat then I went and suggested she take her clothes off. she dried her eyes, stood up and led me to a private booth…. It was terrible. Kudos to her though she pulled herself together and did the routine like a pro, all the while fighting back the tears. I did have to stop her once she started masturbating. A girl should never have to watch another girl masturbate and cry silent tears at the same time.”


4 thoughts on “A lapdance is so much better when the stripper is crying

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