So here is the much awaited video for the 2009 rework of The Airloom.

Massive thanks to everyone involved, all those who begged, borrowed and stole to make it happen.
To Rowan and all the crew, to George and Dina, to the steampunk violinists and to the people behind the masks.

Hope you like it. The full track will be released on my forthcoming EP on Cheap Thrills around September time.

Keep it filthy xx


4 thoughts on “High Rankin – The Airloom (2009 VIP)

  1. wow! amazing video. i love the fact that the spot light doesn’t allow the viewer to see a exactly what is going on. it reminds me a bit of the “perfect drug” vid; stimulated the same emotional response. the airloom; or poltergeist 4: so many carol-annes, and nothing on television.

  2. I fucking love the lighting and build up to the drop. It really fits in well with the diamond-hard tune. That was a journey into the progressive circles of hell. Keep it coming guys, cannae wait to see the next one!
    Sandy B xxx

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