Here is a track i recently made for a laugh. I’m a bit mad like that you know. That’s just how i am.
I’m crazy, in fact i’m K-Razy. Yeah with a K. A fucking K.
How do you like that Thatcher?
Not very much is about right.
Yeah, we should all rise up against the man and just be K-Razy whenever we want to. Yeaaaah, lets kick over some bins, paint our vans freaky colours, listen to rock and roll, smoke dope and sponge off our well to do parents!!


Anyway here is the tune fuckers. It’s not dance music so don’t get your hopes up, its an attempt at humour.

Hugh Rankin – Everything you thought you knew, was a lie (probably)

p.s. USA crew will get about none of it!!


6 thoughts on “Everything you thought you knew, was a lie (probably)

    • Yes yes and you all go to lego land together and eat magic wizz pop candy what makes you do flying all up in the sky. I know!!

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